Regulators, The - Prototypes

Title: The Regulators (Prototypes)
Author: Richard Bachman
Artist: Toy Box cover: Alan M. Clark Book interior: Stephen Gervais
Publisher: Dutton-Charnel House
Publication Year: 1996
State: Lettered and S/L Prototypes.
Issue price: N/A
Comments: A three bullet and a “Toy Box” prototype were constructed. The final design for the lettered had four bullets.

Here is what the listing by Barry Levin said about the "Toy Box" prototype:
New York: Dutton & Co. Inc., 1996. Hard Cover in Fine Slipcase (Our Top Grade)/Not Issued in Dust Jacket. Prototype for First American Edition, Numbered State. Signed by Author's Pseudonym. This copy is the very first copy made. It was put together by hand to see how the production-run copies would look. This copy is different from all the other copies in the following ways: The author's name on the spine of the book is slightly off-center to the left (corrected for the production run) and the illustration for the lid of the box was affixed with cold glue (the production run being done with hot glue) and thus has a slightly different look. The tipped-in check is designated "PC" (which is the rarest state of the checks). A holograph note at the top of the check reads, "PROTOTYPE BOOK AND BOX 1/1". The check is signed by King using his Richard Bachman pseudonym. (Since Bachman is supposed to have passed away, an "old signed check" has been tipped into this book to provide an autograph). The book's box is designed to look like a box for a new toy car or truck. Fine in box (not issued in dust jacket). This is a one-of-a-kind prototype.

Images and text provided by Carlosdetweiler and Wizardsrainbow.

Comparison to final four bullet version:

"Three Bullet" check:

"Toy Box" check:

TypeDesignationMade out toAmountMemoNotes
Lettered 188 Barton Detective Services $200 Search for Billy Signed as "Stephen King" not "Richard Bachman."
Numbered PC Captain Hollister $2,500.00 Holiday spa for Claudia Signed by Bachman. It says Prototype Book and Box 1 of 1 at the top

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