Postscripts 10 - S/L

Title: Postscripts 10
Author: Edited by Peter Crowther
Artist: Cover art by John Picaccio
Publisher: PS Publishing (UK)
Publication Year: Spring 2007
State: Signed Numbered 1/200 Slipcased. Signed by King
Issue Price: $150
Comments: 200 signed/numbered/slipcased copies.

There were 300 signed/un-numbered/un-slipcased copies (issue price $75).
The 200 numbered / slipcased version has a ribbon bookmark, while the 300 un-numbered / un-slipcased version does not.
Special commemorative issue to mark the Guest of Honour appearances of both Peter Crowther and Michael Marshall Smith at the 2007 World Horror Convention in Toronto, Canada.

Stephen Jones Introduction
Michael Marshall Smith material - eight pieces totalling more than 32,000 words
Lucius Shepard - 'Dinner at Baldassaro's'
James Cooper - 'In Fetu'
Nancy Kilpatrick - 'Age of Sorrows'
Rick Hautala - 'Hearing Aid'
T.M. Wright - 'Rainy Day People'
Thomas Tessier - 'If You See Me, Say Hello'
Chris Fowler - 'The Luxury of Harm'
Allen Ashley - 'D-Leb'
Lisa Tuttle - 'Closet Dreams'
Chaz Brenchley - 'Summer's Lease'
P.D. Cacek - 'Call Waiting'
Steven Erikson - 'This Rich Evil Sound'
Paul Jessup - 'Mud Skin'
Connie Willis - 'Distress Call'
Peter Atkins Between the Cold Moon and the Earth
Graham Joyce - The Last Testament of Seamus Todd
Stephen Gallagher - Eels
Joe Hill - Thumbprint
Stephen King - Graduation Afternoon
Stephen Volk - Who Dies Best
Ramsey Campbell - Peep
Tim Lebbon - Discovering Ghosts
Mark Morris - Nothing Prepares You

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