House Next Door, The - S/L Betts

Title: The House Next Door
Author: Anne River Siddons
Artist: ?
Publisher: Betts Bookstore
ISBN: 0-937036-04-8
Publication Year: 1995
State: S/L 1/325
Issue Price: $44.95
Comments:A limited edition in trade paperback of 325 numbered copies, signed by SK.

Olde New York Press previously published The House Next Door S/L. Because of the high binding costs, the press did not bind the entire first printing in hardback; instead, they bound what they felt they could sell. In time, however, the publisher realized that his unbound copies should be sold to recoup costs and decided to sell the remaining inventory to Betts Bookstore, which issued a limited edition in trade paperback. Because these were bound using the original sheets, the limitation sheet states that "450" comprise the limited edition, but in fact the Betts Bookstore edition was 325 copies. The total number of copies in print: 450 copies, of which 1-125 were in hardback from the original publisher, and the remainder were in trade paperback from Betts Bookstore.

King’s introduction is less than one page of text, a few paragraphs - more of a note than an introduction proper. Despite the brevity of his contribution, King elected to sign the limitation sheets.

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