Dark Dreamers - S/L

Dark Dreamers
Edited by Stanley Wiater
Publication Year:
S/L 1/405
Issue Price:
Believed to be $100 per email from Tim Underwood 2/3/2012
A collection of interviews conducted by Stanley Wiater. Signed by the interviewer and interviewees. Simply a magnificently constructed book and traycase.

From a flyer included with the book:
THIS SPECIAL EDITION of DARK DREAMERS from Underwood-Miller was printed on acid-free stock, Smythe sewn and quarter-bound with black marker ribbon in American black pigskin and hand-marbled papers from France. The pages were edged in gilt and the spine casing features two true hubs and protective capcords at the head and foot. The accompanying handmade traycase was lined with velour and cased with black pigskin and red silk cloth from Germany.
This book was printed in March 1990. It was shipped from the bindery on July 5,1990. Additional information as to edition and signatures may be found on page 208.
Page #208 states:
A special edition of 405 copies of DARK DREAMERS, signed by the authors, was completed in May 1990. Due to accidental destruction of some signature sheets, three states of this limited edition were published:
Copies #1-#297 were signed by Clive Barker, Gary Brandner, Ramsey Campbell, Les Daniels, Dennis Etchison, John Farris, Charles L. Grant, James Herbert, Stephen King, Dean R. Koontz, Joe R. Lansdale, Richard Laymon, Graham Masterson, Richard Matheson, Robert R. McCammon, David Morrell, Philip Nutman, John Saul, John Skipp, Craig Spector, Peter Straub, Whitley Streiber, Stanley Wiater, Chet Williamson, J.N. Williamson, and Grahan Wilson, These copies contain two pages of signatures.
Copies #298-#350 were signed by Richard Matheson, Dennis Etchison, Stephen King, Dean R. Koontz, David Morrell, John Saul, John Farris, Gary Brandner, Richard Laymon and Stanley Wiater. These copies contain one page of signatures.
55 Copies stamped “Publisher’s Copy #__” were numbered 1-55 and were otherwise identical to copies #298-#350. These copies contain one page of signatures.

Some effort was made to collect the missing signatures, as the second state has seven signatures on the title page (example below).

First state signature page 1 (L) First state signature page two (R)

Second state signature page (L) Second state title page (R)

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