Books about Stephen King and his Work:Demon-Driven: Stephen King and The Art Of Writing

Title: Demon-Driven: Stephen King and The Art Of Writing
Author: George Beahm
Artist: N/A
Publisher: GB Publishing / ink (Williamsburg, VA)
ISBN: None issued
Published Year: 1994
State: Limited Edition of 300 Author signed and numbered copies.
  • Deluxe Edition: 1 - 100 Signed in Red Ink
  • Limited Edition: 101 - 300 Signed in Black Ink.
Lettered Edition (assumed 26) with different cover and matching traycase
  • Deluxe Edition: $75
  • Limited Edition: $35
  • Lettered Edition: ?
Comments: -

About the Book:
This is a rare 1994 hardcover limited edition of DEMON DRIVEN: STEPHEN KING AND THE ART OF WRITING, edited by George Beahm and published by GB Publishing/ink of Williamsburg, Va.. The book comprises seven long essays and features about the life and work of King. This is the First Edition, First Printing, limited to 300 copies, signed by editor George Beahm and by contributor W.C. Stroby (aka novelist Wallace Stroby).

The book contains the following: “Creatures of the Night,” an introduction by Beahm; “Of Books and Reputations: The Confusing Cases of King, Koontz and Others” by Michael R. Collings; “Stephen King Meets the Jim and Tammy Zombies” by Howard Wornom; “Stephen King: Dreamweaver” by Stephen J. Spignesi; “Stephen King’s Maine Haunts” by David Lowell and “Digging Up Stories with Stephen King,” an extensive Q&A conducted by Stroby in which King talks in depth about his writing process; and the title essay, “Demon-Driven: Stephen King and the Art of Writing” by Beahm.

Table of Contents:

Creatures of the Night by George Beahm, p. 1
Of books and reputations: The confusing cases of King, Koontz, and Others by Michael R. Collings, p. 5
Stephen King Meets the Jim and Tammy Zombies by Howard Wornom, p. 13
Stephen King: Dreamweaver - Thoughts on Nightmares and Dreamscapes by Stephen J. Spignesi, p. 38
Stephen King's Main(e) Haunts by David Lowell, p. 53
Digging Up Stories with Stephen King by W.C. Stroby, p. 61
Demon-Driven: Stephen King and the Art of Writing by George Beahm, p, 79

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