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    Default The "Collections" folder in our Gallery

    I have received a few questions on this so I thought I would throw out an explanation.

    The Gallery (available in the toolbar) is so all of our members can host photos - like they would on imageshack or photobucket. It's an on-site way to do the same thing those sites do.

    So anyone can use it. All photos loaded by members are under "Member Galleries" and can be searched by user name alphabetically.

    As a special feature, there are "Special Content Galleries" that are being worked on.

    One of the best (imo) is the Collections Special Content Gallery. In there, our collectors can upload their specific book collections into their own folder for ease of viewing by other members. This gallery is viewable to anyone who visits (guests) while the member galleries are only open to members.

    Inside the Collections SCG are folders for each collector that has requested one so that they may upload their photos there for all to see.

    This spot also drives our Collections Page for the site. All of the photos in the individual folders are randomized for this page. Its pretty cool.

    The Collections SCG is obviously its own folder and has a "root" which can be loaded to. I am noticing a lot of pictures on the root but I believe that may be because folks are unclear on how to use it.

    I am happy to create a folder for any collector that does not have one out there if you guys would like.

    Remember: This is not only a way to view the collections but to also "host" them so that links can then be posted here on the site in any thread or forum that you would like.

    Please post questions as they come up.

    I've seen lots of members ask how to include "stuff" in their posts, so here are some tips. I remember being confused about this when I joined, too. I use Internet Explorer, by the way, so I'm not sure if these steps will work for other browsers or for Mac users. Mods, please feel free to correct or add anything!

    This may look complicated, but it's really really simple! (I'm just a little too detailed sometimes!) Once you do it a few times, you'll be a pro.

    First, just a comment: If you want to check out what your post will look like before you actually post it, click on the "Go Advanced" button. This will let you preview it before you actually post it by clicking the "Preview Post" button. You don't have to be in Advanced mode to add links, pics, etc. - only if you want to verify what it looks like before submitting.

    Links to other websites or web pages
    1. The simplest way to add a link is to just type it in the text of your post (i.e.,, but you need to be sure to include the www at the beginning for the link to work.
    2. If you're on the web page you want to link, follow the steps below.
      • Click on the url in the address bar to highlight it in full. You can either right click and select copy OR use your keyboard by holding down the Ctrl key then hitting C.
      • Go to the message window where you're typing your post and click on the "Insert Link" icon (it's the little "globe" one highlighted below).
      • In the popup window, put your cursor over the url. You can either right click and select paste OR use your keyboard by holding down the Ctrl key then hitting V.
      • Click OK and you'll see the url in the post you're creating.
      • It will look like your url will be posted twice, but notice how the second one is highlighted. If you want the actual url verbiage to show in your post, you're done! Here's what your post would look like.
      • If, however, you'd like to replace the actual url verbiage with something else, while the text in your post is still highlighted, type what you want to actually post. What you type will replace the highlighted second url and will be the verbiage that shows up in your post.
      • Here's what this version of the same post would look like. Clicking on either version would take you to the same page.

    Videos from YouTube
    Click the insert video icon and paste the YouTube video URL into the box and click ok.
    Pictures or smilies
    You have a few options here depending on the picture source. First of all, you can't add a pic that's stored directly on your computer. You'll need to open an online account (i.e., or or import them into your gallery here on to include them in a post.
    1. If your picture is included on a web page (including those here in your gallery), you'll need to find the url for the picture/image source. By that I mean that if it's on a web page to go to the source of the picture itself - not the web page that includes it.
      • You can find it by right clicking on the picture in the web page and clicking Properties.
      • Highlight the url from the picture Properties and copy it into a new window to confirm that it's just the pic. Some websites have restrictions and either redirect the window or won't allow you to access the source. This will also show you the true size of the picture itself.
      • Once confirmed, copy the url as outlined above in the Links section but instead of using the "Insert Link" button, use the "Insert Image" button (it's the landscape-looking one highlighted below.
      • You'll get a popup window just like when adding a link. Paste the url in the window and click OK. This adds image tags at the beginning and end of your url.
      • You can also just paste the url directly into your post and manually add the image tags at the beginning and end: [ IMG] at the beginning and [ /IMG] at the end (you'll need to remove the spaces).
    2. If you're using an image posted on Photobucket, they've already provided you with code that includes the image tags. Simply click on the IMG Code field, copy it, and paste it directly into your post. You'll get the same result as in the step above.
    3. One thing to remember about any pic you post is that if it's moved or renamed, it won't work any more. If you've created an online account with Photobucket or ImageShack or have uploaded pictures to your gallery, don't move them or give them new names after you've posted them!
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