Due to serious problems with spammers, thedarktower.org created a new member group that is screened for spam prior to becoming an official member.

Until you have five posts, all posts will be screened for spam, and you will not be able to edit your signature, send private messages (PMs), or play in the arcade (see full list below). Also, since all posts will be screened, some posts containing certain key words the screening system recognizes as spam, may be listed to be moderated, and may not show up right when you post.
  • Use our Private Message system
  • View our member galleries
  • Enjoy our Arcade
  • Play in our Casino
  • Put your pin on our member map
  • Help us update our various wiki's
  • Bid on our Auctions
  • Use the chat system

Once you do have five posts you will be automatically transferred to regular member status and will receive all of the same benefits a regular member receives.

Oh, and welcome to thedarktower.org!