In my opinion, definitely too long. I might not mind as much if the book actually focused a lot on Roland and his friends, and clearly explained the progression of what was going on. But it didn't - a lot of the flashback was just randomly changing perspectives along all the different characters, and it made the book kind of confusing and honestly pretty tiring. It got to the point where it was like "What's this interaction between Sheemie and Coral now? Why am I supposed care?" Even when it did focus on Roland, it was mostly just bout his rather dry and apparently mostly sex-based romance with Susan. And that's another thing - did anyone notice the repetitive "every single male character creeping on Susan at some point" thing? It got kind of ridiculous. All the long descriptions every time the moon changed, all the random hard-to-remember details of the story from every point of view, and all that build-up to an ending that wasn't much more than a fight scene and Susan's creepy death... it was really a bit much for me.

That isn't to say I didn't enjoy Wizard and Glass; I did at many parts, especially the end with the emerald palace. However, it was probably my least favorite Dark Tower book so far.