Since we have general discussion threads for most types of media, I thought it was overdue that we had one for podcasts. Although for whatever reason podcasts don't seem very popular with our membership, I can't get enough, personally.

I've started two threads in the past about specific podcasts (Serial and Welcome to Night Vale) but they have been less than active, sadly.

Podcasts are extremely popular and I'm hoping listeners can share and talk about some of their favorites here. And they are so varied, be it true crime, fiction, current events, history, music, what have you. Here's a recent article about some of the best new shows out there:

As I've posted in various other threads, I'm currently listening to the Truth & Justice podcast, which started as a Serial fan show and has evolved greatly. I just binged all of Seasons 1 through 5 in a matter of weeks. I'm also, as I just mentioned in another thread, listening to You Must Remember Manson, a season from the You Must Remember This podcast, doing an extremely deep exploration of the Manson murders. Fascinating stuff.

I do love true crime podcasts and in the past I've also listened, am listening, or have queued up: In the Dark (astonishing and perhaps better than Serial), Someone Knows Something, S-Town (limited series from This American Life and Serial), Dirty John, Missing & Murdered, Undisclosed and Crime Writers On (both of which also started off as a Serial follow-up), Slow Burn, and a few others.

I also like some of the fictional podcasts, mainly from Night Vale Presents, such as the titular Welcome to Night Vale, but also all their other shows like Alice Isn't Dead or Within the Wires. There is also a really good and super funny new podcast called Gossip which I'm a big fan of.

On the more serious side of things, I have a bunch of current events and news podcats as well, mainly from NPR and their affiliates, you know the usual things like This American Life, Radiolab, Fresh Air, etc.

For history podcasts the best one I'm currently listening to is The History of English podcast, which goes into the evolution of the English language in excruciating detail along with history of England, from prehistoric roots of the language to modern English. Awesome and educational.

For anyone interested and LGBTQ issues, one of the best podcasts is probably Queery with Cameron Esposito. It's fun, insightful, and it can make you cry. It's helped me tons personally.

Finally, for Stephen King related stuff, check out The Losers Club from Consequence of Sound. Designed as a re-read project of King's entire oeuvre, it's much more than just that. The hosts are (pretty) knowledgeable King fans and very detail-oriented, but are also professional reviewers of media, so their book episodes are awesome and lengthy discussions about plot, characters, and all things of that sort. Just tremendous stuff, and since my commutes are long, listening at 1.25 speed (something I do for all my non-musical podcasts), I get through their 2-3 hour episodes usually in a day.

Phew! That was a lot. Sorry about that. What about y'all?