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Thread: My DT television series outline

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    Default My DT television series outline

    I've actually given this a bit of thought but it's still a bit of jumbled hypotheticals and what ifs. Most of it is trying to adapt the series in a way that works without changing too much to make it more 'action packed' or Hollywood.

    Also spoilers for the entire series.

    1. The series would be on Netflix. I think binge-watching would be the best way for a series like this to succeed.

    2. The first season would be the first two books. I think you can get the first book in 2-3 hours; first episode being about Tull, second introducing Jake and the the third being the mountains. Rest of the season (say a twelve episode season) could be for the second book. Maybe 3 episodes for Eddie, three for O/Detta and the final two for Mort and the finale.

    3. One major change and one that people will probably disagree with is killing off Walter at the end of the Gunslinger and not having R.F. return. I say this because at the end of the day everything post-Gunslinger for him is a series of a cameos that amounts to nothing. (If they wanted to change it and make him the Big Bad I'd be fine with that but again my intent is to keep it close as possible to the books.)

    4. The Waste Lands could be 1-2 seasons depending on what direction they could take (if the former the first one would end with Jake being rescued and joining the ka-tet). Can't think of any major changes here except the omission of R.F. would have Tick-Tock die in Lud. Keeping him alive at the end of TWL amounted to him showing up and getting shot so no loss.

    5. Wizard and Glass is where it gets tricky given that 90% of the season would be a flashback. I think the best route for this would be to treat the Roland/Susan storyline as a separate miniseries and market it as a prequel.

    6. For Wolves of the Calla, I think Callahan's character would have to go. Unless Netflix were to go full hog and make a companion Salem's Lot movie I think a lot of his character wouldn't work in a stand-alone series.

    7. Song of Susannah, I would cut out King's character. It would stick out like a sore thumb even moreso than it does in the books. The only major change this would cause would be Jake's death but as long as he still sacrifices himself to save the day I don't think it would be a problem. I also don't think SoS would need to be a full season. Maybe scrape it down to four episodes.

    8. Final book... for starters I would condense the second half of the book. Multiple episodes of Roland and Suz in the snow probably wouldn't work for viewers. Patrick Danville could probably still be there but I think they'd have to introduce him differently. Even in the books it's a big mess, but having the characters in the show pull out a copy of Insomnia and recap the plot would be a huge disaster.

    9. Ending of the series, I wouldn't change. It would probably infuriate a lot of viewers but I don't think changing it would be right.

    If I didn't mention something it's probably because I wouldn't have changed it. Thoughts?

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    First time poster here, so hi everyone......

    I like the general direction of what Cyberghostface has posted above, and I'll add one opinion: I'd eliminate the entire Calvin Tower/Deepneau/Tet Corporation subplot, UNLESS an effort was made to spruce it up with more action or somehow expand on the war that Tet is waging against Sombra/NCP.
    As the story presently stands, it would stop the forward momentum of the main plot just to have the characters argue with a couple of unpleasant men and sign some papers. Would hardcore DT fans want to see that? Of course, but the larger potential audience who's never read the books would immediately tune out.

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    1. I absolutely, 100% agree with you here. Seeing the movie cemented this idea even further in my mind.
    2. I've always enjoyed shows with seasons that contain 13 episodes so I think with that amount the first two books could definitely be properly adapted.
    3. I disagree with this one. I see your point in saying that he basically has a bunch of cameos but I think he should have played a much bigger role in the end anyway. I hated the way he was killed off in Book VII. In my opinion Flagg should be somewhere in the tower at the end or at least be Roland's final obstacle before he reaches the tower. To me The Crimson King was a flop, especially given all the hype that surrounded him throughout the series.
    4. The Waste Lands would be great in a single season in my opinion.
    5. With the season for Wizard & Glass, personally what I would do would be to have the whole Blaine/Topeka/Wizard of Oz deal as the bookends of the season, meaning the first and last episode. Say we're doing a 13-episode season. I would have the Mejis story line as episodes 2-12 and maybe fit The Wind Through the Keyhole somewhere there in the last two episodes of the season. Just my opinion though.
    6. It's really hard to argue with your point here. Without the context of Salem's Lot Callahan really doesn't make that much sense.
    7. Yeah it would be pushing it to make SoS into a full length season. I'm not sure what could be done here because we all know the last book is without a doubt a full season's worth of material.
    8. Since you put it that way, maybe make 6 & 7 into one season? I could definitely do without Patrick Danville because all he did was basically erase The Crimson King out of existence. And get Oy killed...but I'm getting into that crap right now. I could write an entire essay about that tragedy.
    9. Once again, I totally agree. Especially since this hypothetical show would be adapting the books.

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    I read a fan-fiction outline for a DT "sequel" that climaxed with a old-school Western standoff in the streets of the Devar Toi-------Roland facing off against Flagg , who is holding Jake in front of him as a human shield. It actually works on several levels: it invoked the Western mythology that the series played with, provided a final face-to-face between Roland and his nemesis, and once again put Jake at stake as a possible casualty of Roland's quest--------does he sacrifice him yet again, or put his gun down to save him?

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