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Does any one else feel that Blaine is misrepresented by all the reprint covers of the book? The first time I ever saw Wastelands was the viking edition so in my mind I have this classic old coal engine with Rose eyes and a skull face in my mind every time I hear his name and then you learn he is a pink mono... it was a little of a let down for me with everywhere you look you always see a train. Not sure if this is due to the publishers laziness to create a cover that represents the story or if they were trying to give you a different mental image. My thoughts are just because it is a train doesn't mean just put a train.
I never liked that image, it just doesnt fit the description of Blaine in the book - he's an ultra modern slick mono, not a steam billowing locomotive.

My favourite is this by Darek Kocurek - love this piece of art.

I have never seen this one before! I Love it. That should have been on the cover of the slipcase for Knowing Darkness rather than the Viking Locomotive..