For some years now I’ve been able to maintain the site without asking for contributions because most of the costs were minimal. My son, due to the nature of his business, was able to host the site and maintain the server free of charge. The other costs were, for the most part, nominal and I have been absorbing them in order to keep the site here for all of us.
Unfortunately my son’s work situation has changed and I now have to pay for the server storage and maintenance as well as hosting and software.
(So far the labor has been free)

As much as I would like to maintain a Free Dark Tower site the costs have escalated to a point where I cannot shoulder the entire burden on my own and still keep the site operating as it has been.
I have other options – I can inundate the site with ads and pop ups which would generate enough revenue to keep the site going. I could also ask for either monthly or annual membership fees. To me both options would be last resorts. I would rather see members show their appreciation by contributing what they can, when they can, and as a group keep the site ad free.
This is a “beta” test from now until 1/1/2014

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