I wanted to establish this thread to list the things that set this site apart from others. It will be a nice one-shop-stop for those looking to compare and decided. So here we go.

What sets TheDarkTower.com apart

Community--the heart of the site...Palaver message board

Our administration and members believe in community and open discussion. On our message board you will find unique topics that are not covered anywhere else, in most cases. All organized in a way that makes it easy to browse and find information.

Dark Tower Trivia and Games

Community and dedication is what really sets us apart

Site pages dedicated to Stephen King and this amazing series

SK News---Comic News--Tower Connections--Fan Art
and so much more

Collectors World

We value our collectors very much and are dedicated to creating resources for everyone interested and collecting Stephen King books and related memorabilia

The King Catalog- a comprehensive and ongoing list of collectible King books. We encourage our members to add their own unique finds.

Collections Photo Gallery- TheDarkTower.com wants to see images of your collections. We have provided a gallery to upload your images and display them on the site. Images are randomly generated to populate our Collections page on the site


Where our members have a free platform to host auctions and sell their King collectibles to other Towerjunkies. Please use at your own risk. If you would like to become a seller--please let admin know.

Information resource like no other on the internet


TheDarkTower.com's Wiki where you can find information on the characters and much more. This portion of the site is member developed and driven. Every Towerjunkie on the site is encouraged to help us build the ultimate Dark Tower wike on the internet.

Dark Tower Book Connections

Check out our sorted and listed representation of The Dark Towers relationships to other books Stephen King has written.

Admin are fans

The administration of this site visits and interacts every day. We all feel like it is very important to be on site and answer member questions and concerns as quickly as possible. Please check out our About Us page

A fan site has no greater asset than its members and they should be well taken care of.

Other fun stuff:

A member gallery where you can upload and host all your images. Please feel free to share your life and happiness with us through your personal images.

Arcade--just a distraction--non Stephen King related.

Please enjoy our site and let any member of the administration know if you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions.