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I love DT2, and it is more - well - intelligible than DT3; but DT3 makes me step through those doors myself, whether or not I am capable of understanding what I see there. Jake's dreams, and then his walk across New York is, along with some other parts of the book, are the culminating points of King writing as a visionary, a mystic of highest order.
I love the way you explained this! I feel the same; this book was the key to making me a tower junkie and putting my feet on the road with the ka-tet.
It wasn't a road to Damascus kind of thing; more like skipping the spiral that starts out the yellow brick road.
Somehow, the way SK describes the struggle to draw Jake and complete the tet is a call drawing the reader into the tet as well.
This is certainly my favorite of the series for that reason; it welcomed me into the quest.