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12-08-2009, 02:08 PM
I'm not really great at writing poems, but I was listening to a song I really like a while back and it inspired me to write something of a horror movie type poem or something.


I pray to the divine blackness in which I am eternally sworn
I worship it's name in tenebrous solitude before my deed
It gives me the strength upon which to act
To debilitate the feeble with my sinful heart.

A human, a man, without a purpose
Walking negligent along a caliginous path
I follow him from behind, the manic fever rising once again
Then he falls limp to the ground, the chloroform sweet on his lips.

He awakens strapped down
Fear running rampant through his confused mind
I show him his own face in a broken mirror
And savor the look as I see the last of his strength enervated.

My senses augmented by my macabre cravings
I take in the aroma of the man's misery one last time
With scalpel in hand I find the sweet spot
Soft like the fontanel of a new born child.

With surgical precision I open the man's stomach
What may be a putrid miasma to some
But is like the sweetest redolence to me
Permeates the air as I open my mouth to taste it.

I am totally consumed by the sight of the fluids
My soul emancipated by the screams from his gullet
My hands dig into his body and remove his entrails
I wear them upon my neck as my guerdon.

With my ear to his lips I hear his final breath
Not a curse, but a plea for help, for forgiveness
His muscles twitch, his breath stops, his eyes glaze over
I throw back my head and bellow laughter.

My sacrifice is done, my commission complete
I remove my clothes and lie on the floor
I hear the black speaking to me once again
I hear...I hear...I listen...I listen...

I bathe in blood.

12-13-2009, 11:25 PM
Good work!

I LOVE horror poems. If you get the time; look in my poem thread for one called The Power of Suggestion. It's a few pages back, if you've the time and patience. My poem thread is entitled Poetry; Dark and Light.