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07-19-2009, 09:46 AM
hi peoples, i hope you will forgive me for posting a thread, i just had a doodle for my old dog and thought it would make a good poem

07-19-2009, 09:49 AM
Hello I said to those big brown eyes
Looking up at me out of that big bird cage
The runt of the litter, i expected you to grow
But always you stayed just a little bit small
But with heart and soul so big and so strong
You were always my man, my little soldier

Me and you are going to have adventures a plenty

As time went by, we learned to rely on each other
We cowered together when the bad scary man made us cry
We cried together when he hurt my body and soul
And we ran away together when he tried to hurt you
My little man, my furry friend
The tears I shed into your glossy fur coat

Oh the adventures we had, each more exciting and new

So then it was just me and you, drunken midnight walks
And late afternoon barbeques
The times that we sat up late as I told you how
Yet another man had broke my heart
You looked at me with those big brown eyes
So loyal and trusting and oh so wise
Licking away tears and putting your head on my shoulder

Adventurous doggie so brave and so true

Weekend came and went so fast.
We walked miles together you and me, my little chap
Over hills and pathways, always side by side, your little tail wagging
Together for ever or so I thought
Then suddenly you were an old old man,
Set in your ways and grumpy as F**K
Aching legs and sore paws, but still full of beans
Still ready to fight the Alsatian next door

My ageing companion the adventures we had still

Then came the night when you couldnít hear me call
The first rot set in and I knew this was it, my time with you
Was coming to an end my friend, my companion, my soldier so bold
We had many more years but that night I knew, nothing lasts forever
Time ticked down to the never ending night, loving you more and more
Then you couldnít see me my little brave boy. Still I didnít give up
Until the night when your little body said, please mum no more
Say goodbye to me now, for I know you no more and no longer
Am I your brave little knight

one last adventure, my little brave boy

I held you in my arms as you slept one last time
Those brown eyes looking into mine, so loyal so trusting
I wanted so much to turn back the clock, to run out into the street
But I sat and I waited as you took the final breathe
Those beautiful browns, fading away

Our adventures have finished my boy, now you can rest

So now I sit and I type this out, tears flowing freely
Will there come a time when I can think of you and not hurt
Do I want that time to come at all?
I miss you my boy, my beautiful boy

1990 - 2008 RIP
always missed never forgotten

John Blaze
07-19-2009, 11:32 AM
Cnady, oh candy. This poem makes me want to cry. :grouphug:

I'm sorry for your loss, but also for your suffering.