View Full Version : Great Music - Round 1: 1950-1954 (Group 8 of 8) - Tiebreaker

03-22-2016, 05:02 AM
For the tiebreaker poll, please choose one to move on to the next round.

IMPORTANT! Please do not simply vote on name recognition (or lack thereof) alone. Please do listen to each nomination and then make your choice. Even if you think you know a track well, it's still worth giving it a listen for a refresher.

The poll will run for four days. Discussion is greatly encouraged!

The nominees are (please let me know if any video doesn't play for you):



03-23-2016, 05:37 AM
Only four votes so far, with three days to go. Tied at 2. Need more action up in here!

Sai Sheb
03-23-2016, 09:18 AM
The thing has got to have a mother in law joke in there somewhere.

03-23-2016, 09:24 PM
Wow so close. Tied at 5. Gotta keep it going, folks!

03-26-2016, 04:35 AM
Just for the record these both were my nominations and I would go with The Thing. Hope the tie is broken beforehand

03-26-2016, 05:17 AM
The poll ended in a tie but since there were about 1.5 stated votes for "The Thing", it moves on.