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02-11-2015, 11:25 PM
I have had this idea for a while, and it was big and complex at first (involving putting the updated ratings on each book's wiki page as well as the prestige of only allowing members with a certain post count (say, the equivalent of being here over a year and posting regularly) the ability to cast their opinions sort of like an exclusive club) but what it boils down to is this: we always rank the books against each other in the Constant Reader Awards, but what if we rated each book and/or short story on their own merit? So, with that being said, below is a complete list of every Stephen King short story. If changes need to be made, let me know. For the ones you have read COMPLETELY, please rate them. I will compile the results as we go/eventually. This might or might not take time, but it's easy for me and my OCD because I keep track of everything. Novels are in another thread. Don't forget to rate those as well!

THIS is how you rate them:
1 - Incredibly difficult to read, completely unenjoyable, it was work to get through and you hated yourself for finishing it.
2 - Very bad, but had some parts that were decent.
3 - Average. Nothing too special, nothing too horrible.
4 - Very good. A genuinely enjoyable read with very few unenjoyable parts.
5 - Near perfect. One of your favorites.

Stephen King's Short Stories:

"Land of 1,000,000 Years Ago"
"Thirty-One of the Classics"
"Rush Call"
"The Cursed Expedition"
"I've Got to Get Away!"
"Hotel at the End of the Road"
"Never Look Behind You"
"The Other Side of the Fog"
"The Stranger"
"The Thing at the Bottom of the Well"
"The Star Invaders"
"Codename: Mousetrap"
"I Was a Teenage Grave Robber"
"The 43rd Dream"
"The Glass Floor"
"Cain Rose Up"
"Here There Be Tygers"
"Strawberry Spring"
"Night Surf"
"The Reaper's Image"
"Graveyard Shift"
"The Blue Air Compressor"
"I Am the Doorway"
"Suffer the Little Children"
"The Fifth Quarter"
"The Mangler"
"The Boogeyman"
"Gray Matter"
"It Grows on You"
"Sometimes They Come Back"
"The Lawnmower Man"
"The Ledge"
"I Know What You Need"
"Children of the Corn"
"One for the Road"
"The Cat from Hell"
"The King Family and the Wicked Witch"
"The Man Who Loved Flowers"
"Jerusalem's Lot"
"The Last Rung on the Ladder"
"Quitters, Inc."
"The Woman in the Room"
"The Night of the Tiger"
"Man with a Belly"
"The Crate"
"The Mist"
"Crouch End"
"Big Wheels: A Tale of the Laundry Game (Milkman #2)"
"The Monkey"
"The Wedding Gig"
"The Jaunt"
"The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands"
"The Reach"
"Survivor Type"
"Before the Play"
"Apt Pupil"
"The Body"
"The Breathing Method"
"Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption"
"The Raft"
"Word Processor of the Gods"
"Uncle Otto's Truck"
"Mrs. Todd's Shortcut"
"The Ballad of the Flexible Bullet"
"Dolan's Cadillac"
"Morning Deliveries (Milkman #1)"
"For the Birds"
"The End of the Whole Mess"
"The Doctor's Case"
"The Night Flier"
"The Reploids"
"Rainy Season"
"Home Delivery"
"My Pretty Pony"
"The Langoliers"
"The Library Policeman"
"Secret Window, Secret Garden"
"The Sun Dog"
"The Moving Finger"
"You Know They Got a Hell of a Band"
"Chattery Teeth"
"The Beggar and the Diamond"
"The House on Maple Street"
"The Ten O'Clock People"
"Umney's Last Case"
"Jhonathan and the Witchs"
"The Killer"
"The Man in the Black Suit"
"Luckey Quarter"
"Lunch at the Gotham Café"
"Autopsy Room Four"
"L. T.'s Theory of Pets"
"Everything's Eventual"
"That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is in French"
"The Little Sisters of Eluria"
"The Road Virus Heads North"
"Hearts in Atlantis"
"Heavenly Shades of Night Are Falling"
"Low Men in Yellow Coats"
"Why We're in Vietnam"
"In the Deathroom"
"Riding the Bullet"
"The Old Dude's Ticker"
"All That You Love Will Be Carried Away"
"The Death of Jack Hamilton"
"Harvey's Dream"
"Stationary Bike"
"Rest Stop"
"The Things They Left Behind"
"Graduation Afternoon"
"The Gingerbread Girl"
"A Very Tight Place"
"The New York Times at Special Bargain Rates"
"Premium Harmony"
"Blockade Billy"
"Big Driver"
"Fair Extension"
"A Good Marriage"
"Herman Wouk Is Still Alive"
"Under the Weather"
"Mile 81"
"The Little Green God of Agony"
"The Dune"
"In the Tall Grass"
"A Face in the Crowd"
"Batman and Robin Have an Altercation"
"The Rock and Roll Dead Zone"
"Summer Thunder"
"Bad Little Kid"
"That Bus Is Another World"

02-11-2015, 11:32 PM
"1408" - 2
"1922" - 3
"All That You Love Will Be Carried Away" - 4
"Autopsy Room Four" - 4
"Ayana" - 3
"Ballad Of The Flexible Bullet, The" - 4
"Battleground" - 4
"Beachworld" - 3
"Big Driver" - 3
"Big Wheels: A Tale Of The Laundry Game" - 3
"Blockade Billy" - 2
"Body, The" - 5
"Boogeyman, The" - 3
"Breathing Method, The" - 4
"Cain Rose Up" - 2
"Cat From Hell, The" - 4
"Chattery Teeth" - 5
"Children Of The Corn" - 3
"Death Of Jack Hamilton, The" - 4
"Dedication" - 2
"Dolan's Cadillac" - 4
"End Of The Whole Mess, The" - 4
"Everything's Eventual" - 3
"Fair Extension" - 3
"Gingerbread Girl, The" - 5
"Good Marriage, A" - 3
"Graduation Afternoon" - 2
"Gramma" - 3
"Graveyard Shift" - 3
"Gray Matter" - 3
"Harvey's Dream" - 2
"Here There Be Tygers" - 2
"I Am The Doorway" - 2
"I Know What You Need" - 4
"In The Deathroom" - 5
"It Grows On You" - 1
"Jaunt, The" - 4
"Jerusalem's Lot" - 1
"L.T.'s Theory Of Pets" - 3
"Last Rung On The Ladder, The" - 5
"Lawnmower Man, The" - 2
"Ledge, The" - 4
"Little Sisters Of Eluria, The" - 3
"Luckey Quarter" - 3
"Lunch At Gotham Café" - 4
"Man In The Black Suit, The" - 4
"Man Who Loved Flowers, The" - 4
"Man Who Would Not Shake Hands, The" - 3
"Mangler, The" - 3
"Mist, The" - 5
"Monkey" - 4
"Morality" - 3
"Morning Deliveries" - 2
"Mrs. Todd's Shortcut" - 3
"Mute" - 4
"N." - 4
"New York Times At Special Discount Rates, The" - 2
"Night Flier, The" - 2
"Night Surf" - 3
"Nona" - 4
"One For The Road" - 2
"Popsy" - 4
"Quitter's Inc." - 4
"Raft, The" - 5
"Reach, The" - 2
"Reaper's Image, The" - 3
"Rest Stop" - 2
"Riding The Bullet" - 3
"Rita Hayworth And Shawshank Redemption" - 5
"Road Virus Heads North, The" - 3
"Sometimes They Come Back" - 2
"Stationary Bike" - 3
"Strawberry Spring" - 3
"Suffer The Little Children" - 3
"Survivor Type" - 5
"That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is In French" - 2
"Things They Left Behind, The" - 4
"Trucks" - 4
"Uncle Otto's Truck" - 3
"Under The Weather" - 2
"Very Tight Place, A" - 5
"Wedding Gig, The" - 3
"Willa" - 3
"Woman In The Room, The" - 2
"Word Processor Of The Gods" - 4