is proud to be the EXCLUSIVE site to order and purchase a new, unique and fine Collectible case for your First Trade Edition of 'Salem's Lot. Glenn Chadbourne and Ned Dameron are producing hand signed and Lettered, full-color original art pieces to be carefully affixed to the inside lid of each custom, hand-made Dolso wooden tray case, designed to hold the US Trade 1st edition of Stephen King's 'Salem's Lot. Each artist will create "Lettered" art pieces for this series. Each art piece will be based upon a scene from 'Salem's Lot.

Engraved in the wooden cover of each and every Tray Case, will be a Ned Dameron piece.

Letter Z and ZZ Are Reserved For Charity Auctions

Each unique case, made of fine streaked maple, will bear the engraved original cover art, a Lettered piece from Glenn Chadbourne or Ned Dameron and feature a felt bed, ribbon pull and magnetic clasp. This is a stand-alone case, however it is built to also match the recently released "Night Shift" and "The Shining" cases. They will look great on your shelf as a "matched-set".

Dick Olson's (DOLSO) finely crafted Wooden Slip and Tray Cases are revered and treasured by Collectors. Here is your chance to own a unique, hand crafted collectible item, with original art by a renowned artist to hold your precious
First edition of 'Salem's Lot

Since we don't have all the art yet, we are handling orders in a new way:
Instead of just producing 26 or 52 Lettered cases with art and then hoping they sell, we are going to go with a pre-order system. If 15 of you order cases, we will make 15 -- if 50 of you order, we'll make 50. There won't be more than 52 cases made - two of them being auctioned for charity. You will have the choice of whether you want Ned's art or Glenn's art but, since it is a pre-order, you will be ordering the art 'blind'. You can choose which artist you want to do your case, but you won't have any control over the actual scene that is produced - there will not be a pic of each piece to choose from.

They will NOT be designated as A thru Z being Glenn and AA thru ZZ from Ned. We may end up with A as Ned, B as Glenn, C & D as Ned etc.

On the order page you choose the letter you wish. In the note section of the Paypal transaction you must indicate which artist you want.

We expect these cases to sell-out quickly so get your orders in NOW!!
Price is $319.95 + $19.95 Shipping and Handling (US Only-International Shipping by Quote)
We encourage you to order quickly, there will be no more than 52 cases produced so don't get left out - reserve your case today!
$175.00 Deposit non-refundable after 5 business days. Reservation is transferable up to 7 days prior to delivery notice.

Please note: If you previously registered on The Shining page, you will need to re-register-sorry.

Complete delivery of cases estimated Late Summer 2012
Sample Artwork:
(L) Ned Dameron depiction of Straker in Antique Shop Window. (R) Glenn Chadbourne depiction of Danny Glick outside Mark Petrie's window

Case Cover:

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